Sands of Salzaar whips up a desert storm on mobile


Sands of Salzaar whips up a desert storm on mobile

Having seen great success since its initial PC release, indie sandbox RPG Sands of Salzaar is dancing across the dunes to bring the battle to mobile. With its stunning, hand-drawn 2D visuals, rich, ancient fantasy lore, and in-depth sandbox experience, it’s frequented Steam’s global top sellers list over the last year, and has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, so we’re very excited to see the sandstorm swirl to the handheld market.

Sands of Salzaar mobile invites you into the critically acclaimed, dynamically generated open world of the PC version, taking you on an epic adventure in which you are challenged to befriend or antagonise a variety of factions, lead powerful armies into ferocious fights, and conquer the sands one exotic land at a time.

In addition to UI and menu optimisations that aim for a comfortable handheld experience, the mobile version comes complete with everything the live Steam version has to offer, including its engaging, branching narrative, deep legacy system, dynamic diplomacy mechanics, and the fresh zombie survival mode, inspired by a popular mod from the Steam Workshop.

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