Marvel Snap’s Hell Cow pixel variant is making us feel ill


Marvel Snap’s Hell Cow pixel variant is making us feel ill

Out of all the vivid and intriguing card designs in Second Dinner’s heroes and villains card game, Marvel Snap’s Hell Cow pixel variant has to be one of the most, uh, interesting. After flying under the radar since release, more and more of you are now uncovering the undead udders, and despite a hearty defence from the developers, many are now pointing to the design as one of the grossest across the game (and that’s a game with Brood in it, the ugly alien multiplying thing, I might add).

If you haven’t seen the Hell Cow pixel variant yet, first of all, lucky you, congratulations, but also, please check it out. Rather than like all of the other Hell Cow variants that see Deadpool’s bovine buddy in fitting comic book action style, the Hell Cow pixel variant sees Marvel’s milk making monsters back at the farm, with her udders just a little more detailed and apparent that we might like.

Of course, not everyone is frightened off by Marvel Snap’s Hell Cow variant. In just the last few days, Second Dinner’s chief Ben Brode went on Twitter to declare his love for the design. Quote tweeting someone accusing the card of being the ugliest in the game, Brode responded with “absolutely not, this is a masterpiece. Why does it feel somehow obscene? I don’t know but I love it”. There’s plenty out there who agree with him too, including Pocket Tactics’ Tilly who apparently wants to be BFFs with the horned beast. You do you, Tiz.

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