Warm up with a whale song thanks to My Singing Monsters’ Bowhead


Warm up with a whale song thanks to My Singing Monsters’ Bowhead

The latest character to join Big Blue Bubbles creature collector is here, with My Singing Monsters’ Bowhead making a splash with its arrival in the game. The quint-element singing whale is something a bass-head, using its baleen – the filtering system inside a whale’s mouth, don’t worry, I didn’t know either – to create deep cello string sounds in support of your other monsters’ symphony.

Unlike many of the creatures you can find in-game, My Singing Monsters’ Bowhead can only be bought from the shop in vessel form, and you can only crack that vessel by zapping any spare eggs. It’s worth the effort though, as this fire-type quint-element bass head is the first monster with five elements to arrive in the game in over five years.

There’s a caveat for those who want to add Bowhead to their musical collection, in that the monster can only find a home on Amber Island. Still, if you can’t get your Bowhead just yet, Rare Flum Ox is also now available in the game, with the less common version of the monster looking a damn sight creepier than the original. I mean, what’s with the green ooze?

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