Hogwarts Legacy’s accessibility features give students a magical time


Hogwarts Legacy’s accessibility features give students a magical time

The iconic school for witchcraft and wizardry opens its doors to the first wave of students next month, and thanks to the Hogwarts Legacy accessibility features, you can be sure that the school does its best to cater to all of its prospective magic users. Seriously, the team at Portkey Games conjured up various visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, and general accessibility options.

One of the features we’re happy to see is the colourblind modes, as many games overlook this impairment, so it’s nice to know that students of Hogwarts have the option to make things easier for them. Other visual aids include text-to-speech, text scaling, high-contrast text, high-contrast gameplay, camera shake, and more.

As for those that may want to make auditory changes, you can alter separate volume controls for sound effects, music, and dialogue. You also have spatial audio and audio visualiser to work with on top of subtitles. Meanwhile, the Hogwarts Legacy accessibility features for motor skills allow you to have an aim mode, adjust sensitivity, follow camera speed, swap sticks, and more.

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