Analogue Pocket review – brick to the future


Analogue Pocket review – brick to the future

Retro gaming is only getting better over the years, as what was once something of a niche pursuit is being strengthened by a string of quality third-party devices, allowing consumers to play and experience classic games in modern ways, and Analogue could be the one leading the charge.

After success with devices like the Analogue Super NT and the Analogue Mega Sg, which play SNES and Mega Drive games natively, respectively, the retro-focused company turned its attention to handheld gaming. In comes the Analogue Pocket, a stunning device that’s clearly modelled on the original Game Boy and can natively play actual cartridges through actual hardware. Thanks to this innovative line of thinking, you can bring your old Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance games to life like never before.

It doesn’t stop there though, as you can also purchase cartridge adapters to play Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, and Atari Lynx cartridges on the same device. The main selling point here, as well as the convenience, is a gorgeous 3.5”, 615 ppi, LCD screen that runs at ten times the resolution of the original Game Boy, giving classic games a vibrant, pixel-perfect facelift that you have to see to believe. But at $219.99 (before shipping or any extras like the dock)/ is it worth the price, or, more importantly, the wait? Let’s dive into our Analogue Pocket review to find out.

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