The best Game Boy games


The best Game Boy games

The Game Boy is one of the most iconic pieces of hardware ever to exist, and though not the very first handheld, it signalled the true advent of handheld gaming, proving that the portable device could provide exciting and different experiences to home consoles, and the titles have a charm all of their own. So whittling down a list of the best Game Boy games is going to be tough work.

Luckily for this article (but bad for me), I was the perfect age for the Game Boy, growing up with the gaudy grey brick and travelling everywhere with a collection of batteries, screen magnifiers, externals lights, and much more, all in the hope of spending a few more precious moments with my Pokémon party. So trust me when I say I know what the best Game Boy games are, and let me take you on a trip back to the time of pogs, Pokémon, and Jurassic Park.

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