Roller Drama skates onto Switch and mobile soon


Roller Drama skates onto Switch and mobile soon

Despite being an exciting sport and thrilling to watch, roller derby hasn’t really had great representation in video games until recently. Well, if you’ve got a pair of skates in your cupboard and a poster for Whip It on your wall, we have some good news for you.

The upcoming title Roller Drama is a hybrid of a visual novel and a sports management title, all with the backdrop of the exciting world of roller derby. This is all alongside a cast of five fun female personalities dealing with friendship, love, and some interesting heavy themes for you to explore. If this sounds up your alley, then luckily, the Roller Drama release date isn’t far away.

The mixture of real-time strategy matches and character-driven stories to explore in between the games has us very excited to see where this tale goes. Well, get your skates on, because it’ll be here very soon.

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