Marvel Snap’s Ego is playing fast and loose with everyone’s cubes


Marvel Snap’s Ego is playing fast and loose with everyone’s cubes

If you’ve played any Marvel Snap, you probably know about Ego, one of the superpowered card game’s most irritating locations. If you aren’t in the loop, Marvel Snap’s Ego is a unique area that takes control of the game for you and your opponents, picking the cards you play and only allowing you to end the turn. Now, some of the game’s most dedicated players have invented a new rule, and we’re all suffering for it.

Essentially, some of the most cube-hungry members of the community are asking others to always snap on Ego, giving the game higher stakes while you rely on completely random AI. When I say random, I mean truly random, as confirmed by Second Dinner’s lead developer Ben Brode in both an interview with IGN, and, on his own Twitter.

In a response to an official complaint by a player over their opponent not snapping on Ego this weekend – a testament to just how much this new formality means to some – Brode replied to the original comment by saying “confession: I never snap on Ego”. Going further, as Brode is known to do, he also used the comments to confirm that Ego shares its exact coding with Agatha – with the caveat that Agatha always plays herself if she can – making for some real chaos if both are involved in any game.

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