Ayaneo 2 review – premium powerhouse


Ayaneo 2 review – premium powerhouse

Ever since Nintendo released the Switch in 2017, it feels like handheld gaming is having a bit of a renaissance. Not only has it blasted past a hundred million units sold, but it’s also come alongside the successful Steam Deck and a handful of other x86 handhelds from smaller companies.

One such company is Ayaneo, which has released numerous handhelds since its first in 2021. In that short timeframe, we’ve seen the tiny Ayaneo Air and the powerful Ayaneo Next. Now, however, the company has a proper follow-up on the way – the Ayaneo 2.

The Ayaneo 2 is a Windows-based handheld PC that packs a punch, with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800u alongside customisable RAM and SSD storage (my unit came with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage –  a prototype unit, mind you, so any issues could be ironed out for the final shipments). That puts it on par with a handful of other new handhelds from OneXPlayer and Aokzoe – basically, it’s among the most powerful handhelds you can get today.

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