Mario Kart Tour set to rocket into 2023 with the Space Tour


Mario Kart Tour set to rocket into 2023 with the Space Tour

After a long holiday season of festivities, we all need something to blow the cobwebs off in the new year. Fortunately, the latest update to Nintendo’s mobile racer has you covered there, with Mario Kart Tour’s Space Tour set to blast you into the far reaches of the galaxy, all the way to Rainbow Road.

There are plenty of variations of Mario Kart’s most famous track through the years, but this time around we’re being treated to the memorable Wii version, with its twisting and turning multicolour lanes. There’s also the iconic star cannon, catapulting you and your fellow racers through space at a speed that even a purple drift boost couldn’t push you up to.

A new tour also means new outfits, with Mario and Toad both receiving appropriate astronaut costumes to fit in with the theming. There also looks to be a Mars rover-type kart drifting around corners in the trailer, so we’re hoping to pick up our own mode of on-planet transport.

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