Nintendo Switch Lite review – truly portable


Nintendo Switch Lite review – truly portable

Nintendo’s lineup is now three consoles strong with the Nintendo Switch, OLED, and Lite models. Despite being the cheapest option at £200 / $200, the Nintendo Switch Lite is still a fierce competitor versus its dockable siblings, depending on your use case. The Lite is undoubtedly the most comfortable version of the Switch, offering a truly portable console at an attractive price point.

We live in an age where the word ‘portable’ doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. While I don’t have any issues fitting a handheld like the Switch OLED in my backpack, it’s not portable in the same way an iPhone is. The Switch Lite feels like a clever compromise on the original Switch design; the sleek and sturdy Gameboy Advance-like form factor gives the device that classic Nintendo feel.

Unlike the other Switch models – whose detachable controllers and higher price points make them feel more fragile and valuable – the Lite is more hard-wearing. I wouldn’t worry about handing this console to a child as its solid build quality means it can withstand a few knocks.

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