Skullgirls Encore 2 gets a cracking update for Switch


Skullgirls Encore 2 gets a cracking update for Switch

Following its release in February 2021, it’s now finally time that we get Skullgirls Encore 2 on the Switch brought in line with other consoles. A huge, free update is available now that does just that, and more!

The 2D fighting game came to the Nintendo Switch among other platforms, though had a bit of a rocky start. The creator listened to feedback from players and took everything into account, which has now resulted in a substantial stack of changes.

The update is available right now and comes with a considerable amount of content. First, we’re promised faster load times and overall better performance, along with online play being improved as well. Fans have long asked for the tournament to be balanced, and that has been taken into account, giving us an update to standard balancing.

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