Lego Super Mario series six brings Wendy, penguins, and more


Lego Super Mario series six brings Wendy, penguins, and more

2023 is kicking off with a bang, thanks to the Lego Super Mario series six reveal, including special sets dedicated to Wendy the Koopaling, Mario 64’s famous penguins, and much more. With so much already included in the collection, you could be forgiven for assuming there’s little left to add, but fortunately, with a history as illustrious as that of Nintendo’s famous plumber, there’s plenty of material to lend from.

With new extensions like Peach’s Garden Balloon Ride expansion set and the Fliprus Snow Adventure expansion set, as well as a creative toolbox kit, and a new line of cheaper character packs, there’s plenty for Mario Lego fans to dig their teeth into here.

With the Mario movie release date now just a few short months away, there’s a possibility series seven of the Mario Lego movie line might be inspired by the forthcoming big-screen adventures. Still, there’s more than enough building to be getting on with for now, which should keep you busy while you wait for the box office premiere.

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