Eversoul tier list and reroll guide (January 2023)


Eversoul tier list and reroll guide (January 2023)

Eversoul is an upcoming visual gacha RPG that tasks you with summoning beautiful souls from six different factions to form our optimal Soul Squad. But, as with all gacha games, there are some characters that excel over others. Luckily, with our Eversoul tier list and reroll guide, you can get familiar with all the Eversoul characters, which ones are worthy of your hard-earned currency and materials, and how to start fresh if you don’t get the gals you want.

If you can’t wait for its release, be sure to check out our Eversoul pre-registration guide. Or, if you’re looking for some more cute waifus and handsome husbandos to help you pass the time until Eversoul drops, check out our Arknights tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, or AFK Arena tier list.

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