Anime Fruit Simulator codes


What’s better than anime? Fruit. You heard me. Imagine watching someone slice up some bad guys while eating peach slices, what a life. Well, the latest hit Roblox game is here to fulfil both of those needs, so we’ve put together a berry handy list of Anime Fruit Simulator codes to help you pip your opponents at the post. Core blimey, we’re excited!

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Keep your eyes peeled, and let’s scroll down to our berry good guide to Anime Fruit Simulator codes.

Anime Fruit Simulator codes

Active codes

  • 500Likes!!! – 25 spins, 5,000 gems, 500,000 coins
  • 200Likes:O – 15 spins, 2,000 gems, 200,000 coins
  • TWITTERgang! – ten spins, 1,500 gems, 3,000 coins
  • triffyWscripter – nine spins, 500 gems, 2,500 coins
  • FREETORI:O – 15 spins
  • ObtainDiscord – six spins, 1,500 gems, and 1,000 coins

Expired codes

  • 100LIKES!<3

What are Anime Fruit Simulator codes?

Ready to give you a helping hand, Anime Fruit Simulator codes are a series of letters and numbers that form a code. These can be used within the Roblox game, and unlock a bunch of great rewards like spins, gems, and coins. The creator, Origin, normally releases them on the Anime Fruit Simulator Roblox page, or you can find them in Discord. The dev often releases them to coincide with an update, but be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date, and let us do all the research for you.

How do I redeem Anime Fruit Simulator codes?

Redeeming Anime Fruit Simulator codes is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, just follow these instructions;

  • Open up Anime Fruit Simulator codes
  • Press the ‘code’ button on the bottom left of the screen
  • Input the code and press enter
  • Enjoy your rewards!

That’s all we have for you today, and we’re sure there will be a bunch of codes in the future, so check back regularly. For even more great guides, be sure to check out our guide to Ohio codes next.

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