2022 – the Ben Johnson year-in-review


2022 – the Ben Johnson year-in-review

Uh oh, the year’s over. You know what that means, folks, we’ve gotta look backwards. Oh no, this isn’t a swipe at the year à la Brooker – I’m gonna stay positive, impartial, and most of all present a rounded view of a wonderful year of videogame joy. I promise. Videogames are great, right?

Anyway, in a year where Russia has been at war with Ukraine for most of it, England has had more Prime Ministers than I’ve had all-butter croissants, the sun was hotter, the rain was harder, and a global economic downturn stopped me from putting on the heating until just under 38 hours prior to the time of writing this, somehow, all we have to talk about is videogames.

Crikey, it sounds like a bad thing when you put it like that, but I promise it’s not. In a year where grand machinations beyond our control move and swirl and make us all upset, why not curl up into a ball and play Elden Ring for a little bit? We’ve got to look after ourselves before we can anything else, after all.

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