2022 – the Pocket Tactics year-in-review


2022 – the Pocket Tactics year-in-review

As if like clockwork, the year has, as it must, come to an end. While some at Pocket Tactics are inclined to avoid cliche at as many turns as they can muster, there’s a sad reality we have to bear as our chilly country gets even chillier: people like to read about the year when it’s over. So, while every videogame writer and their aunt does the exact same thing, we too join in to offer our view on what 2022 means for us.

And when I say us, I mean videogame players of a specific variety. We play mobile games and Nintendo Switch games and then write about them. That’s our job. So, if I hear one complaint that there’s no mention of God of War or Elden Ring, my Christmas will be ruined.

Anyway, I keep mixing up whether to use the first-person pronoun as singular or plural as I try to muster up the energy to speak for a team of eight people. Either way, one thing isn’t mixed up: 2022 was a pretty average year for videogames, but we all still loved most of what we got.

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