Marvel Snap’s Galactus might be too strong


Marvel Snap’s Galactus might be too strong

Marvel Snap’s Galactus might not have been in the game for all too long, but already the giant planet-devouring icon is proving something of a game breaker, with plenty of players either sick of facing the final turn game changer or happily stacking cubes by using the villain in the purple helmet. Just like in the Marvel comics universe, when Galactus turns up, you know you’re in trouble.

Fortunately, the developer Second Dinner is aware of the potential problem with Galactus, with studio lead Ben Brode tweeting “Galactus is on the watch list” alongside the side eye emoji earlier this month. As you can imagine, the comments below Brode’s tweet are a good mixture of those who desperately want to see the end of the universal titan, and those begging for Mr Brode not to take away their favourite card.

If you don’t know, Galactus is one of the more unique cards across the Marvel Snap roster, with an ability unlike any other. Galactus destroys all locations on the board except for the one it’s played to, and if you can’t pre-empt his arrival, all of your good play at separate locations can go to waste. I myself have already seen multiple winning positions laid to waste by the planet gobbler, and wouldn’t mind seeing at least a slight nerf to his turn-six blowouts.

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