Triangle Strategy – the best Game of Thrones game we’ll never get


Triangle Strategy – the best Game of Thrones game we’ll never get

While formerly something of a Wild West, where only quality titles like Aladdin or Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion broke through, the world of licensed video games is currently on the up. Nowadays, it seems a good chunk of great games take influence from an existing media IP. We’ve had great games based on the Walking Dead, South Park, and plenty of anime properties like Dragon Ball Z. Well, unless you’ve been living north of The Wall, you might know about a little TV show called Game of Thrones. And for me personally, no game has done it justice yet.

A dark fantasy series that mixes political intrigue with deep characters, and a brutal approach to life and death, GoT gripped the nation for years, and I loved every second of it (well, nearly every second). It’s a shame we only ever got a couple of mobile games and a Telltale interactive narrative title to show for it. I’m also a huge fan of RPG games and the prospect of a sinister, sprawling videogame which encompasses the political aspect of the show balanced with life-and-death battles. Well, it would be a dream come true, right?

Enter Triangle Strategy, a strategy RPG from Team Asano of Square Enix. A tale of warring nations battling it out over resources, political prestige, and global power. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but this is everything I want in a videogame, and I’m here to tell you why it’s also the Game of Thrones videogame of your dreams.

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