How Cult of the Lamb makes you the cutest cult leader


How Cult of the Lamb makes you the cutest cult leader

Picture this: a hellish cult, bloody satanic imagery coating the walls, filled with sacrifice and morbid rituals disregarding your cult members’ well-being, its leader feared by the rival gods of other cults because of their actions. You wouldn’t think the leader of this cult would be an adorable tiny lamb with unholy power bestowed upon him by an elder god trapped in limbo, hellbent on revenge against his brethren for betraying him, would you?

A lone lamb, the last of its kind, is sacrificed before four unholy entities. Following its death, the lamb appears before a chained deity named “The One Who Waits” who bestows the creature with his crown and his unholy powers, he also resurrects the lamb, and in exchange, it must start a cult in the deity’s image. After escaping, meeting your predecessor (and future gambling buddy) Ratau, and rescuing your first follower, you begin to build your cult’s campsite. Constructing a shrine of the lamb for your followers to worship and a temple for them to pray in. A pleasant start isn’t it?

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