The magic of a proper holiday game


The magic of a proper holiday game

There’s a general idea in the PT office of what a holiday game is, but we realised we don’t all have the same criteria. There are fundamentals, for sure, but we all fancy something different this holiday season. Also, saying ‘holiday game’ when you’re British makes it sound like playing Uno when it rains in Lloret de Mar, so…

Yep, so, what are the fundamentals? Well, a Christmas game definitely isn’t a game with tinsel in it. It’s a game we can play with our family or friends – whoever we choose to spend our time with – in front of the television or curled up in a ball on the sofa without feeling the need to hear all the audio or pay sincere attention to some dramatic story (for the most part). But that’s not all.

In reality, the holiday period can be a little tough, even if it is about coming together. It all depends on who you are and what your situation is. Maybe the perfect holiday videogame is an escape, or maybe it’s one you can share with a group. It can be whatever it needs to be!

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