Splatoon art gallery shows off the series’ colourful history


Splatoon art gallery shows off the series’ colourful history

With a new Splatoon art gallery uploaded onto Nintendo’s Japanese website, you can get a look at various pictures from the series’ seven-year history. Since the first game in 2015, it has always been about colourful creativity and loud self-expression, and the concept art holds all that within it.

Over at Nintendo’s Japanese website, a rough translation shows a side-scrolling retelling of the series via its concept art. This Splatoon art gallery is long, and all it leaves me thinking is why can’t we have this as a physical book? That would’ve made an excellent Christmas present.

The way Nintendo treats the Splatoon series always piques my interest – it feels different to everything else in its catalogue. Either way, the excellent series has triggered massive live concerts, a huge and connected community, and countless lovers of its music. I even wrote at length about the Splatoon 3 soundtrack. No matter what, it’s wonderful to see Nintendo continue to celebrate the series that so many people love.

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