Dragon Trail: Hunter World comes to Europe on AppGallery


Dragon Trail: Hunter World has officially come to Europe after an exciting announcement at Gamescom 2022. The game is perfect for fans of the fantasy genre as it’s got a bit of everything – dragons (obviously), pets, adventure, battles, and one of those stories where you get to be the “chosen one”. We all love those.

The game has already done big business in Asia, but its release in five European languages opens up a whole new continent of newcomers to the lush and diverse world of Dragon Trail. Exploring Star Island has never been easier. Simply choose your class, dress them up for battle, and uncover the mysteries of your surroundings.

Visually stunning, engaging, and rich with possibilities, Dragon Trail is everything RPG fans want from a mobile game. There’s no doubt you’ll want to dive in right away, assembling your squad and slaying those pesky dragons. For those new to the lore, world, and characters of the game, we’ve rounded up everything you can expect when you start playing Dragon Trail.

A noble quest

You’ll start your journey as a young adventurer whose father has vanished into thin air, knowing it’s your job to find out where he went. Immediately taking on this pretty hefty quest, you’ll soon find yourself coming face to face with one of the titular dragons, an event which changes your plans and opens up a whole new world to explore. You’ll also discover a prophecy contained in the Book of Loyat, an ancient text with a meaning you’re determined to reveal.

You’re also tasked with defending your tribe from dragon attacks, a questline that brings heaps of deep lore to the game.

Colourful characters

From here you’re set to meet some of the eclectic characters that inhabit Star Island, from humans to wild beasts. You’ll come across a wide array of friendly (and not so friendly) creatures as you explore, and are able to recruit your own tribe of loyal followers. Collect a variety of adorable pets and tweak your gameplay style to work for you.

When assembling your ultimate team, you can choose from Warriors, Priests, Rangers, or Assassins – each with their own skills and abilities that will assist you on your quest. Compile your squad with skill and you’ll soon be uncovering the secrets of Star Island.

Mystical beasts

Of course, Dragon Trail would not be possible without a fleet of gnarly beasts. If this is the main thing drawing you to the game, you will not be disappointed. Collecting majestic creatures to use in battle and fight alongside is a major part of the game’s premise, offering powerful and varied monsters throughout.

Bond with your creatures and tame them as pets, or use them to fight your enemies and learn to evolve them as you progress. They will all have their own distinct personalities and skills, and some can even be used as mounts. Each pet, from the Aurora Fox to the Pearl Oriole, has a unique way of fighting, so collecting them all will give you the best shot at victory.

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A full world to explore

Whether you explore together with friends or alone, the world of Dragon Trail seems almost limitless. Even on mobile, the rich fields and verdant forests look gorgeous, with charismatic NPCs and detailed locations to explore. As you travel, you’ll be able to collect a whole trove of loot, as well as engage in island competitions, and carry out smaller quests to beef up your stats and the story.

Every day brings new challenges to try, and a detailed mentorship system that allows you to become more powerful the more you play and complete these challenges.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is available to download from AppGallery now, alongside a whole host of other incredible games such as Asphalt 9: Legends, Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, Lords Mobile, and Garena Free Fire.

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