Resident Evil characters


Resident Evil characters

After its initial launch in the 90s, Resident Evil has become an icon of the horror genre, a landmark for spooky games on consoles, and simply one of the most endearing entries in the genre. After a stellar remake for the Gamecube a few years later, the classic was even better, and now nobody has an excuse not to play this incredible game. If you’re dipping in, then you might want to get to know the Resident Evil characters first.

This guide covers the main players from the original Resident Evil title and its remake, but we’ll also delve into the primary characters from the many other titles over the years. Anybody recurring and important to the Umbrella story, we’ll pop them in here. It’s a big old series with a lot of characters, so do forgive us if we miss your fave, but we’ll be coming back to add more to this guide over time.

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