Mario Kart Tour’s Berlin Byways proves communism is canon


Mario Kart Tour’s Berlin Byways proves communism is canon

I’ve never really had to assess the monetary or social implications of the Mushroom Kingdom, but a new bit of evidence has thrown things into chaos. Everyone seems to be friends within the walls of the Kingdom, all Toads are welcome, there are coins EVERYWHERE, and you can get a job if you need one. Well, the Mario Kart Tour Berlin Byway track puts forth a particularly interesting question.

As spotted over on Reddit, the Mario Kart Tour track known as Berlin Byway takes players on a tour of the famous city, and on one lap even lets you kart past the iconic monument known as the Berlin Wall. It’s adorned with Mario iconography in an eerily cheery way, and one Reddit comment has correctly pointed out that “The fact that you can see remains of the Berlin Wall in Berlin Byways indicates that communism is canon in the Mario universe”.

It might explain why everything is so idyllic in the Mushroom Kingdom, so then does Bowser and his army represent the overbearing forces of capitalism? He certainly works his army hard, with thousands of Koopas laid waste at his behest, making castles, airships, and multiple flying clown cars. Not only this, but it also implies that both WWI and WWII existed or are at least acknowledged in the Mushroom Kingdom. Does Mario have an older relative who fought in the Italian army for Mussolini? Who cares, it’s all make-believe, but the image of a Mario character sticking a big banana sticker on the Berlin wall is hilarious regardless.

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