Mario Kart DLC wave three coming in time for Christmas


Mario Kart DLC wave three coming in time for Christmas

It’s time to rev your festive engines and get ready for a holiday season full of drift boosts, blue shells, and banana peels. There’s now a release date for the Mario Kart DLC wave three content, and it’s coming before Santa does. So own up, who included this on their list?

The Mario Kart DLC wave three content is, as you could probably guess, the third offering of the continuing content expansion from Nintendo for their Switch sales smash hit, adding an extra eight tracks into the game. The last two collections included some classic courses and this time around, it’s the same again, with big hitters like Maple Treeway – very autumnal, we like it – and Boo Lake finding their way into the game.

Continuing the new tradition of adding Mario Kart Tour tracks to 8 Deluxe, Berlin Byway also makes its debut appearance in a main series Kart title in this eight-track collection. For retro heads, there’s also the memorable Mario Kart DS interpretation of Rainbow Road to tackle if you think you can stay on the course.

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