Genshin Childe build


Genshin Childe build

In Genshin Impact, Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is a confident warrior who lives for the thrill of battle. This hydro character chooses to wield a bow as it’s the weapon he’s least proficient with, making every win a lot more satisfying for him. Tartaglia is well known for being a member of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui.

For those of you having trouble mastering the five-star character, our Genshin Childe guide will tell you which weapons and artifacts are best. We also outline what each of his active and passive skills does, as well as provide details on what items you need for ascension.

If you need some help planning out a team, check out our Genshin Impact tier list. We’ve also got a Genshin Impact codes guide in case you need some extra primogems to wish for Genshin Impact’s Childe or any other characters you may be after. We also have guides for Genshin Impact’s Razor and Genshin Impact’s Hu Tao if you need help with other characters.

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