Epic PvP clashes await in Traha Global


The main reason to play any MMORPG is to face off against other people around the world – that’s why they’re “massively multiplayer”, after all. And in Traha Global, your opportunities for battling others far exceed what you might find elsewhere.

Yes, you can engage in 1v1 arena matches to prove your might against another person, or even team up in 8v8 battles to show why there’s strength in numbers, but Traha Global’s trump card is its 200v200 Conquest Battles. These will be the ultimate tests of strength and skill, and give you a chance to really experience what it’s like to be in the middle of an epic fantasy war.

It’s not just about PvP though – you can also party up with other players and take on field bosses and dungeon raids for some sweet loot. Let’s take a closer look at how you’ll be playing with others in Traha Global.

Enter the arena

What good is gathering epic loot and putting points into attribute trees if you can’t properly test out your strength and skill? That’s where PvP comes in, and Traha Global has several different flavours for you to sample.

First off is the arena. This can be accessed from anywhere on the map, so don’t worry about needing to go anywhere to sign up for a fight. You’ll be paired with another player and thrown into the ring pretty much straight away, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your best gear equipped and your favourite skills locked in before you ready up. There’s also a 3v3 arena to test your ability to work as a team with two other strangers in a thrilling deathmatch.

These are quick, intense fights to the death, with no respawns – once you’re down, you’re done. This is a great place to test out your current set of skills and see what builds other people on your server are using, and how to counter them. Status effects will be key here – if you can stun your opponent before they can land their first hit, you might already be onto a winner.

Success in these ranked duels will also lead to huge rewards at the end of the season, with rankings given depending on your performance across the season. So if you want some huge drops, dive into the arena and keep taking down the competition.

This means war

Looking for something more team-based? 8v8 battles are also available, teaming you up with seven other players to take down an enemy team and its commander from the opposing faction. Here you can respawn as much as you like, with both teams racing to get 80 kills before their opponents.

If you’ve been playing a solo-heavy build for a while, this could be a good opportunity to try out some skills that help (or hinder) those around you. Or you can jump in and pick up some solo kills while your teammates buff you – the choice is yours.

And finally, we have 200v200 battles. These enormous Conquests only happen at set times, so make a note in your diary for the next one and make sure to stock up on potions and the best gear you can find. These battles will be enormous, chaotic, and a ton of fun, and can give some impressive boosts to the entire faction who wins, so you’ll want to take them seriously if you want to win.

Working together

Not every interaction with other Traha Global players has to be hostile. As you roam the world, you may stumble across a field boss that can’t be taken down alone, so you’ll want to recruit some nearby allies to help in the fight. Expect big rewards for your patience and skill in defeating these enemies.

You can also enter dungeons with your fellow players, with various dungeons offered each day. You really don’t want to tackle these alone – having an ally or two of a similar power level will help you take down even the strongest enemies. And with new raids regularly cycled in, there’ll always be an exciting new challenge to face.

When you’re working with others, you’ll need to make sure you’re on top of your game and not dragging everyone else down. With Traha Global, combat is more than just clicking a target and watching its health go down – skills require timing and precision to pull off properly, and learning how they chain together is especially key.

Your skills will have different activations, like holding down the skill to unleash the full attack, and your weapons all have different Energy bars that are filled in their own unique ways. You’ll need to learn how to make the most of these skills, as well as customising your skills to suit each encounter, to ensure that you’re a part of the team.

With active combat, huge PvP battles, and ferocious PvE encounters, there’s a lot to love in Traha Global. Check it out on Steam for PC or in your mobile device’s app store and jump right in!

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