Civilization VI’s leader pass brings a dozen new characters


Civilization VI’s leader pass brings a dozen new characters

The Civilization VI leader pass is set to make the already massive game even bigger. With twelve new leaders for existing civs, as well as six new leader personas, there are whole new hosts of playstyles on the way, and a bit more research for any Civilization VI tier list writers… (that’s me)…

The twelve new leaders, while for existing civs, will bring a host of different abilities to change the way you play. Personas, meanwhile, are reimaginings of existing leaders – but they can be quite the reimagining. No matter what, it looks like Civilization VI’s leader pass looks set to bring even more to a game that is already six years old.

Over six DLCs from November this year to March 2023, you’ll be able to try out a total of 18 new leaders. Check out the list below, or for some more, check out our Civilization 6 secret societies or games like Civilization to keep that ‘one more turn’ obsession trucking along nicely.

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