Mario Koopa music memes are taking over TikTok


Mario Koopa music memes are taking over TikTok

The Mario series has its fair share of epic tunes. All the way from the first title on SNES to the latest Switch games, you can’t escape the earworms. One of the most iconic pieces is the overworld theme from the New Super Mario Bros. series, and it’s seeing a new lease of life as the unofficial tune of the new Mario Koopa music memes we’re currently seeing all over TikTok.

The format sees Koopa’s in situations they’re not accustomed to – like this court scene – with them taking the time to do a happy jig for the iconic “bah bah” that lands near the end of every bar of score. With content creators rushing for their backlights to create add-ons to the original meme, including an unimpressed Koopa divorcee and alternative versions popping up, this Mario meme is quickly becoming one of the hottest formats on the social media giant. Take that, Fleetwood Mac.

If you haven’t got TikTok, you can still get in on the fun by checking out this Twitter thread that compiles some of the best Mario Koopa music memes so far. As well as adding to the court scene, memers are taking turns to think up the most ludicrous situation a Koopa could find themselves in, including a hearing test, a nuclear facility, and opening a college rejection letter. Yes, we feel bad for the Koopa in question in the last one, but he’s still got them moves!

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