DK Mountain to make mobile debut in Mario Kart Tour update


DK Mountain to make mobile debut in Mario Kart Tour update

One of the finest tracks from the Gamecube Double Dash era, DK Mountain, is set to make its debut appearance on mobile with the next Mario Kart Tour update. Fitting with the Animal Tour theme, this jungle location is famous for its wide turns, dicey rope bridges, and barrel cannon that sends you right to the peak of the grumpy volcano. You just can’t beat the classics.

As well as the new track and a new Mii racing suit for the Mario Kart Tour update, diligent viewers are anticipating both a new raccoon suit for Luigi and a gold variation for the Rambi Rider kart that looks so at home in DK Mountain. Neither is official yet, but you get a good look at both during the trailer, so we think it’s fair to get your hopes up. Never hurt before, eh?

As it is the Animal Tour, after all, the next Mii racing suit is essentially a cow costume, complete with black spots, a bell around the neck, and a fluffy little tail. Despite not being everyone’s cup of tea – or should it be cup of milk? – this design is one of the more outlandish from across the roster and would look perfectly at home racing through Moo Moo Meadows.

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