Timi Studio Group and Capcom team up for a Monster Hunter mobile game


Timi Studio Group and Capcom team up for a Monster Hunter mobile game

Timi Studio Group has announced a collaboration with renowned studio Capcom to develop a Monster Hunter mobile game. Timi is a part of the Tencent family and is known for its development on Call of Duty mobile, Pokémon Unite, Arena of Valor, and Honour of Kings. It has a lot of experience in adapting franchises for mobile, especially something with a strong multiplayer focus.

While details are slim, we expect to hear more about Monster Hunter mobile (which has no official name yet) over the coming weeks, as Timi has stated it has much more information to share soon. But in the brief announcement, Timi and Capcom outlined their aim to “combine the experience of both sides, allowing Monster Hunter to scale to new platforms with an aim to give global hunters – experience or new – the freedom to hunt as they desire, anytime, and anywhere”.

Both Timi and Capcom have been doing stellar work recently, with Pokémon Unite reaching a huge audience with its tight MOBA gameplay and addictive formula, not to mention Capcom’s recent success with Monster Hunter Rise, possibly the best Monster Hunter game on any handheld device. While we don’t know much, the pedigree speaks for itself, so we look forward to hearing more about a new way to experience and enjoy the Monster Hunter series in the near future.

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