Mario Kart Switch sales continue to zoom ahead of the pack


Mario Kart Switch sales continue to zoom ahead of the pack

More than five years after the release of Nintendo’s comeback kid hardware, Mario Kart Switch sales still dominate the catalogue of games available on the handheld console. Even after the pandemic boom of Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to be the best-selling game on Switch, and with new tracks arriving as part of the ongoing Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack offering, it’s only set to keep racing ahead of its opponents.

The actual number of Mario Kart Switch sales is rapidly approaching 50 million, with less than two million to go until it reaches the landmark. There’s some other surprising results included with the rest of the forecasts, including the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles 3, one of our few 10/10 titles from this year, has so far been beaten out in sales by another third entry in Splatoon 3 by over four times the amount of units moved.

Unfortunately, Mario Strikers: Battle League hasn’t had quite as successful a launch as Nintendo might have hoped, with the title languishing behind other 2022 titles such as Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Nintendo Switch Sports by a fair margin. Still, the biggest hit of this year is quite clearly Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with more than double the sales of both Kirby and Switch Sports.

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