The best Mario Party minigames decided by us


The best Mario Party minigames decided by us

When it comes to the best Mario Party minigames, there are fewer divisive subjects out of the Mushroom Kingdom. From the original title for Nintendo 64 arriving back in late 1998, to the latest in the series, Mario Party Superstars, there are countless chaotic experiences for you and a friend to learn to hate each other over.

So, with Mario Party 1 and 2 now on Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack Plus, we thought there’s no better time to decide once and for all on the best Mario Party minigames. Of course, there’s a decent bit of subjectivity here, so don’t get mad like a wound-up Wiggler if your favourite didn’t make the cut.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the 3v1 Mario Party minigames, with Hide and Go BOOM! and Fish and Drips from Mario Party 4 both cementing a place in Mario Party legend with their arrival on the Gamecube title. Sticking with the fourth edition of the minigame series, Booksquirm is another popular one across the board, with a real sense of chaos as players fight to make it through the shaped holes in the pages.

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