Resident Evil Ethan


Resident Evil Ethan

The Resident Evil franchise underwent something of a reinvention with it’s seventh entry, after the lacklustre success of Resident Evil 6 and its strong focus on action and quips. Resident Evil Biohazard takes the series back to its roots with a renewed focus on horror, an unsettling shift to a first-person perspective, and the introduction of the brand new character Ethan Winters.

If you want to know more about Resident Evil’s Ethan, our guide is here to give you all the details on the mysterious protagonist, and his adventures through the grim and often deadly world of the Resident Evil universe. Ethan has been through hell and back despite only appearing in a couple of games, losing more hands than the monarchs of Westeros. Watch out for tall vampire ladies especially, or don’t, we won’t judge you.

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