Rovio has 10 new games in the pipeline, and a cross-platform Angry Birds is one of them


The Angry Birds franchise is once again spreading its wings with multiple new titles, and one in particular, Angry Birds Next, is a multiplayer game that will be making its nest on multiple platforms.

In fact, Finnish developer Rovio is creating a total of 10 new games, both in and outside of the Angry Birds series.

A flock of titles

As reported by Gamingonphone, Rovio is soon to release Hunter Heroes, Hunter Assassin 2, and has already soft-launched an idle puzzle game in the Moomins franchise titled Moomin: Puzzle and Design.

Most upcoming titles utilise the Angry Birds IP, such as the Bad Piggies sequel aptly named Bad Piggies 2. The series is an Angry Birds spinoff wherein players play on the side of the pigs, not the birds. Bad Piggies 2 was originally revealed via TikTok last year.

An Angry Birds RPG is also officially in the works, under development by the Copenhagen studio formerly known as Darkfire Games. Little else is known about the game at present.

Similarly, Rovio has teased what seems likely to be a novel-based Angry Birds title as the first game to be developed by Rovio Toronto, a studio first revealed in September 2021 and headed by industry veteran Julie Beaugrand.

The aforementioned Angry Birds Next, meanwhile, has been revealed with slightly more information. It is set to be the next major game in the series, featuring multiplayer and cross-platform gameplay in what may be an attempt to grow the franchise’s fanbase beyond mobile.

One month after Rovio pulled its games from Russia and Belarus due to the conflict in Ukraine, the Angry Birds catalogue of games surpassed five billion downloads worldwide. The company proceeded to show strong financial results despite the mobile gaming industry’s decline in Q1 2022, defying the trend by growing revenue 26 percent. Since then, Rovio’s successes have continued with an 8.4 percent year-on-year revenue increase in Q3.

WIldlife Studios recently opened Stellar Core games in Helsinki, Finland, with studio director Serdar Soganci being the former head of studio at Rovio.

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