It Takes Two is a love letter to Nintendo, according to Josef Fares


It Takes Two is a love letter to Nintendo, according to Josef Fares

Even in my field, it’s rare you find yourself face-to-face with an industry icon. Still, somehow, last week I found myself with fifteen minutes in the company Josef Fares, the head of Hazelight Studios, alongside Louis Polak and Scott Cromie from Turn Me Up Games, to talk about It Takes Two finally arriving on Nintendo Switch.

For context, there are outspoken figures in the gaming industry, and then there’s Josef Fares. By no means is he offensive. If anything, his will to talk about bad industry practices surrounding issues such as microtransactions or sexual harassment lights him up as either a paragon of equality for some, or a virtue-signalling wokeist for others. Either way, his “fuck the Oscars” moment back at the 2017 Game Awards led to a path of heightened success, fame, and memeification that would reach its peak when he took to the same stage four years later to accept the award for Game of the Year in 2021 for It Takes Two. Basically, he’s a big deal, and so is his game.

Now, less than a full year later, the much-lauded title is coming to Nintendo Switch, with the safe hands of Turn Me Up Games on porting duties after its success with Switch versions of Borderlands and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. It seems natural that the co-op hit is coming to the home of family-friendly titles, and as I’ll get into later, it’s possible that the Nintendo Switch might be the intended spiritual home of It Takes Two all along, even if it took the longest time to find its way back.

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