Getting to grips with Traha Global’s Infinity Class


What does it mean to have a classless MMORPG? For Traha Global, the new MMO from Moai Games, it simply means that instead of deciding on the type of character you’re going to build right at the start of the game, you instead have the opportunity to be whatever class you want, whenever you choose to play it.

Instead of tying you down to a single weapon type and way of using it, Traha Global gives you access to all of its weapons, allowing you to freely switch between them while strolling through the world. You don’t even need to level them up individually – under the games’ Infinity Class system, you unlock skills and buffs for all of your weapons as your main level goes up.

But it goes beyond just the weapons you choose, with gathering and crafting also playing a pivotal part in your progression and how you experience the world around you. Let’s take a closer look at how the Infinity Class works in Traha Global, and how every activity feeds into it.

Weapon of choice

At the very beginning of Traha Global, you’ll only have one weapon that you can use. You’ll get the chance to experiment with a few different weapons in the prologue, but when you get into the game proper, you’ll be offered the choice between the seven weapons: Greatsword, Dual Blade, Shield, Bow, Staff, Knuckles, and Scythe.

Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before you unlock your second weapon. You can get new weapons with Weapon Unlock Tokens, earned through completing certain quests in the main storyline. Once you’ve picked up a new weapon, you’re free to switch between the ones you have access to whenever you please, so long as you’re not in the middle of combat.

And once you get your new weapon, you’ll notice that your overall power level only slightly decreases when you first switch to it. That’s because your actual character level is independent from your weapon choices, and your overall power is mainly affected by the quality of your gear and detail put into customising your build. This offers you the freedom to pick and choose your combat style depending on the scenario, or if you fancy trying something new out for a little bit after an extended period using the same weapon.

To boost your power level, you’ll need to spend some time assigning your Traits. You’ll get Traits points every time you level up, and can spend these in different attribute trees to determine what kind of build your weapon has. You can choose between Attack, Defense, and Heal, all of which do exactly what you think they do to your stats. How you spend your points is entirely up to you, and can have huge benefits to your chosen build. Don’t like how you’ve built your character? Attribute resets are completely free, so you can once again switch them up whenever you feel like trying something new.

Do it yourself

We’ve talked about this before, but crafting in Traha Global also plays an important part in building your character. And that’s not just because you can craft new items for yourself – although that does play a part in it.

As well as having a variety of weapons available to you, you also have four different professions – Crafting, Blacksmithing, Cooking, and Archaeology. Each of these professions will help you out in different ways as you level them up. Crafting and Blacksmithing, for example, will allow you to craft chests containing weapons and equipment to boost your stats, while Cooking will give you better recipes for improved healing and buffs, and Archaeology will unlock useful artefacts needed for advanced crafting recipes.

Levelling these professions up is as simple as gathering the required materials for a certain recipe and then crafting them. Material gathering is more than just clicking on a spot repeatedly and hoping for a good drop – you can improve your chances of scoring good loot by playing a short minigame while the gathering happens. These differ between professions, so you’ll need to stay on your toes during a lengthy gathering session. Or, if you want to focus on something else while your character gathers materials, you can set a number of times you want them to repeat the action and leave them to work.

With your materials gathered, you can then craft items or use them to complete profession missions, which grant you a huge boost in your profession’s XP. Levelling up unlocks new items to craft, but after level 10, you’ll also get a seriously valuable addition – profession trait points.

Much like weapon traits, the profession traits allow you to buff your stats across the different classes, and once again, you don’t need to worry about increasing your profession level across all your weapons. Instead, you’ll get profession trait points that can be spent across all your weapons, with each weapon having its own pile of points to assign. If that doesn’t make life easier, we don’t know what will.

So now you know all about Traha Global’s Infinity Class and some of the things that play a role in keeping you at peak performance. There’s more to explore, like Spirit Cards, Pets, Familiars, and your Core, but we don’t want to spoil absolutely everything you can find in the game!

Hop into Traha Global right now on PC and mobile and start exploring on your own.

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