Celebrate space in style with Mario Galaxy’s fifteenth anniversary


Celebrate space in style with Mario Galaxy’s fifteenth anniversary

Can you believe it’s Mario Galaxy’s fifteenth anniversary already? That’s right, a whole fifteen years since we first went galavanting around the skies we once looked up at in wonder from the safe haven of Mushroom Kingdom, as we met Rosalina and the Lumas in a quest to stop Bowser from taking Princess Peach on another unwanted staycation, this time on the other side of the solar system.

Well, whether you want to admit it or not, it’s true that indeed the Mario Galaxy’s fifteenth anniversary is here, with the original game released in Japan way back on November 1, 2007. There’s been a sequel since then, and even a re-release for Switch – though infamously not including said sequel – to allow for a new generation to blast off into space with Nintendo’s most famous mascot.

As seems to be the case with other Nintendo milestones, with no official celebration, or even an acknowledgement of the anniversary on any of the official channels at the time of writing, it’s left up to fans to remember the highlights of their time charting space with Mario on this special day. So, it’s no surprise that Reddit is teeming with memes and fan art to note the occasion.

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