Roblox player count down on this time last year


Roblox player count down on this time last year

For the last couple of years, the Roblox player count has been something other developers look upon jealously while the numbers continue to skyrocket, with reports from the company of over half of US kids and teens using the platform. However, it’s starting to look like we may have already passed peak Roblox, with numbers for this year not continuing the pattern.

Thanks to the stats site, we know that while in October 2021 there were just slightly under 224 million average monthly users, the number for this year is closer to 205 million. That means something like 19 million Roblox players have left the platform in the last twelve months, with the once ever-expanding player base seemingly at its limit.

There are lots of possible reasons for the drop off in players, from the West dropping COVID restrictions allowing more kids to get out of their rooms, to fifth-generation consoles being more readily available now, it could be any or a combination of factors. Still, there’s every possibility this could change, especially when Roblox eventually relaunches in China, with Chinese players currently locked out of the game.

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