Hack-and-slash APRG Undecember’s Halloween event is here


Hack-and-slash APRG Undecember’s Halloween event is here

Needs Games is turning its hit hack-and-slash mobile game spooky with Undecember’s Halloween event. Starting on October 26 and running until November 23, it brings with it a whole host of scary treats, like seven-day log-in bonuses and Halloween candies to boost your characters’ abilities and drop rates.

Undecember’s Halloween event is all about celebrating the fun side of this creepy holiday, rather than filling you with frights. That means there are tonnes of treats and not so many tricks on the way from the developer, whether it’s pumpkin heads and witch’s robes for your characters, or just a bunch of freebies.

Alongside Halloween candies and log-in bonuses, Saluto – the town you can enter after clearing Act 10 – is now fully decorated with Halloween ornaments. Whether you like it or not, the year is coming to an end, and Halloween nonsense is all around us. If you love this sort of stuff, dive into our best mobile horror games and best Switch horror games guides.

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