The Witcher 3 best armor


The Witcher 3 best armor

We all know Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3 is one handsome fellow (especially in the Netflix series), so why not kit him out in the best outfits in all the land? It’s a challenging old adventure, and many of Geralt’s glad rags have fantastic stat boosts and look spiffy, so there’s more than just fashion at stake here. We can stab monsters and look good at the same time, right?

Our guide to The Witcher 3 best armor is here to break down the very best of the best, among the many outfits you will on your adventure. There really is a lot to pick from, but the top-tier outfits will help you on your quest and give you the additional stats and buffs you need to slay even the most grisly denizens of the Continent.

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