Reddit thinks Marvel Snap’s Cyclops needs an upgrade


Reddit thinks Marvel Snap’s Cyclops needs an upgrade

Marvel Snap is taking the world by storm, or at least it seems that way if you look at Twitter. With a wide variety of tactics and cards to make the most of in a superhero trump competition, it’s easy to get invested, especially if you’re already a Marvel superfan. This fandom, however, has led to some debate over certain heroes’ abilities, or lack thereof.

One such hero is Marvel Snap’s Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men. With super energy beams from his eyes, Cyclops is a powerful mutant in the comics, so some Reddit folks think he may be underutilised in Disney’s collaboration with Second Dinner Studios and Nuverse.

“Can Cyclops get updated? He’s been done dirty”, the post reads on Reddit. User u/abkfjk continues by saying, “I can’t believe the leader of the X-Men has literally no ability, and no superior stat line to make him worth using. There are only so many cards with no abilities, but to me Cyclops stands out as he’s iconic in the Marvel universe.”

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