Marvel Snap dev shares how Quicksilver changed the mobile game


Marvel Snap dev shares how Quicksilver changed the mobile game

Despite being fresh out of the blocks, Marvel Snap is already proving itself a success, with thousands of players flocking to the card game to build decks and try and take them to platinum rank and beyond. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for the team behind the superhero-powered title, with chief development officer Ben Brode sharing a brief history of the beta via his Twitter account.

It seems that Marvel Snap’s Quicksilver, despite only being a one-power card, had an impact on the game that no one had anticipated. During beta testing, multiple players complained about the lack of a mulligan – card game terminology for being able to swap cards in your hand with those in the deck – with many struggling to get a first-turn summon out due to holding only high-cost cards.

However, Brode and his team were determined to avoid including a mulligan, so a simple change was made by adding Quicksilver to the starter deck that all players recieve. For those who don’t know, Quicksilver’s effect makes it a guaranteed draw at the start of the game, offering you something to play if all of your other cards are great big end-game beasts.

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