Temtem dojo guide – how to beat the greatest tamers


Temtem dojo guide – how to beat the greatest tamers

While Pokémon has its gym leader challenge, Temtem’s dojos are a suped-up eight-legged gauntlet for grown-up tamers who are looking for something a little trickier than the likes of Brock and Misty. They don’t disappoint either, with each and every dojo master in the Airborne Archipelago arriving for the battle with some serious talent in the party.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this Temtem dojo guide to help you beat the best and become the finest tamer from Deniz all the way to Arbury. With all the weaknesses of every dojo tamer Temtem listed, you should have no problem finding your way through the eight icons on your way to the top, and we’ve even included a handy level guide so you know when it’s time to face the music and take on the next dojo.

For more Temtastic guides, take your pick of the Temtem starters, see our Temtem tier list for seeking out monsters worthy of taking on dojo rematches, and see the special creatures making an appearance this week in Temtem Saipark. Or, if you’re yet to take the plunge, or should it be leap, into the Airborne Archipelago, see if our Temtem review can convince you otherwise.

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