SLG mobile game Epic Age invites you to rewrite history


SLG mobile game Epic Age invites you to rewrite history

History is a fascinating subject, and it intrigues many different people worldwide. One of the most popular sub-genres that people like to read about is ancient history, but why only experience it through books when you can live it (in a manner of speaking) through mobile games such as Epic Age?

Since the Epic Age release date is right around the corner, we think it’s only right to dive into what you can expect from the SLG civilisation title. Firstly, it features a realistic art style as it takes you back in time to a place where you can pick between 12 different factions – such as Viking, Roman, Egypt, Greece, Persian, and Huaxia – each of which has its own unique appearances, technologies, and troops.

Oh, and better still, you can expect to meet a range of historical figures, including Leonidas, Marco Polo, Joan of Arc, and Nefertiti. Each of which has different bonuses to help you as you dispatch your troops. Of course, as with any game of this nature, you need to go to war and win territories.

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