Temtem luma – what are they, where to find them, and more


Temtem luma – what are they, where to find them, and more

We all want something shiny and nice, and in Crema’s monster taming game, that something is a luma Temtem. With their golden glow, enhanced stats, and that all-important star marking by the name, these monsters are the cream of the crop both in appearance and on the competitive scene, so adding a couple to your party should be a priority.

Fortunately, our Temtem luma guide is here to help you find this game’s shiny equivalent before you try and take to the dojos and lairs throughout the Airborne Archipelago. As you might expect for a shiny equivalent, luma Temtem still aren’t the easiest things to get your hands on, but with our methods, you should have a better idea of how to improve your chances.

For more tips and tricks to make your time in the Airborne Archipelago that bit easier, check out our Temtem tier list, Temtem codes list, and Temtem starters guide. Or, if you haven’t yet tried this heavily Pokémon-influenced monster-tamer yet, see our Temtem review to judge for yourself whether you’ve got it in your to be the best tamer in the land.

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