Mario Kart Blender fan art animation gives us lo-fi Ghost Valley vibes


Mario Kart Blender fan art animation gives us lo-fi Ghost Valley vibes

There’s no shortage of Mario Kart fan art out there, with countless recreations of rallying around Rainbow Road, red shell regrets, and struggling to figure out how to reverse. Still, sometimes a fan creation comes along and blows us away with its quality, more often than not making us wish that the developer would pay some attention too.

So, when we scrolled past this piece of Mario Kart Blender fan art from artist ligma.obj on Reddit over the weekend, we couldn’t help but do a double-take. The animation itself is a short loop of Mario skirting along a quiet road, quite the change from his usual frantic pace, under the calming lights of the streetlamps and glittering stars. This is all backed up by music from popular synth artist HOME, who you may recognise if you’ve watched any of Summoning Salt’s fantastic speedrunning documentaries.

As you would expect for a Blender animation, what with it being one of the most powerful creative tools in the modern artist’s toolbox, Mario has never looked much better than on his night drive across the unknown road. It seems he can hear the sweet sounds of HOME’s synthwave too as with each spin of the wheels a colourful little musical note pops up next to his patented red cap.

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