Splatoon 3 Tableturf Battle – how to find, collect, and battle


Splatoon 3 Tableturf Battle – how to find, collect, and battle

Splatoon 3 is just the gift that keeps on giving. Not content with just offering the sublime turf wars online multiplayer mode, the addictive salmon run co-operative mode, and the deeply satisfying story mode; there’s another mode nestled away in the back alleys of Splatsville and it could be the most compelling of the bunch. Have you got a few hours to lose?

The Splatoon 3 tableturf battle mode is a competitive deck-building card game that emulates the main turf wars, as it tasks you with covering most of the battlefield with your own colours. Instead of paint here though, each card has a certain amount of blocks, and the battlefield is a grid made up of squares. It sounds strange on paper, but believe us when we say, it’s off the hook.

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