Gamelancer and TikTok partner to release HTML5 games


Gamelancer the largest social gaming network on TikTok, has announced it is forming a partnership to launch games on the platform.

The announcement details that Gamelancer will be able to distribute HTML5 TikTok mini-games across the global network. Currently Gamelancer generates over 1.7 billion monthly views across 27 channels so the partnership makes sense for getting these mini-games into the hands of users.

The company has shared details of the first game which is called Fortune Teller and acts as a type of daily fortune and horoscope reading game. Users will be able to access these games with a new ‘Mini-Game’ button that allows them to add the game to a video then anyone who views it will be able to tap the link and play for themselves on the TikTok app.

TikTok has launched a series of mini-games across its app before in collaboration with multiple games mobile developers such as Vodoo and Lotem. The platform also partnered with Zynga in the past to launch endless runner game Disco Loco 3D.

Start of something new

Gamelancer co-founder and chief product officer Darren Lopes commented on the upcoming partnership saying “It’s been an incredible process working in collaboration with our game development studio and the TikTok team to bring our first H5 game to life. We view TikTok as the platform to invest our social game development resources into as we have the massive built-in audience and strategy in place to acquire users at scale.”

The pairing is a beneficial one for both parties as TikTok expands their gaming options and interactivity on the platform whilst Gamelancer have a ready made audience to jump into their gaming titles.

TikTok owners ByteDance has been making moves in the games industry space for some time surpassing more than $1 billion in annual games revenue, these types of milestones saw them make our top 50 game makers list this year.

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